? (Geometric square form -large- bookends)
"Kenneth Mackenzie Macintosh"
"Celestial Echo"
"Bronco Buster"
"On the war trail"
? (Co bighorn sheep pack)
"Joe P.Martinez "
"Yin and Yang"
"Building Blocks of the City"
" Coral Sphere
"Trade Deficit"
( cherry sundae)
"Minoru Yasui"
" Federal Services"
? (rock bundle )
? RTD rail station behind Pepsi center
? (entrance to Elitchs up on bridge) playful figures
? (under bridge on 15th near confluence park)
Ralph Carr
The Rev. Yoshitama Takai
"The Player"
Firefighter Memorial Statue
? Union Station Plaza (round cylinder bronze)
? (rebar forest)
"Luz de Denver"
"On the Wind"
? (eagle in flight)
( lighted heart outside MCA)
? (organic forms by rtd station for train) 6?
(Rock Mass)
? ( cherries by Balfour DT)
" A New Beginning "
"The Player"
(face) at the Webb building entrance - city Center
Hubcaps work on side of bldg
? stone faces outside WEBB bldg.
" Soft Landing"
"Soft Landing"
"Big Sweep"
? three red pieces along Speer
"One World, One Water"
"Light Chamber"
"Denver Monoliths"
"Hock E AYE VI"
"Infinite Energy"
"For Jennifer"
"Man" and " Woman "
(tube piece)
"Indeterminate Line "
"I see what you mean " ( the Blue Bear)