Include:  All publicly available permanent sculptures/ statuary in the city of Denver.

                 – Must be on publicly visible property or not require money for access to see them. (free)

                 – Can be in plazas, atriums, parks, developments, office parks, recreation areas,

                    firehouses, the grounds of private buildings, lobbies, entrances, balconies etc.

                 – Outdoor permanent display of sculptures at museums,

                 – Three dimensional artworks, including tiles with depth, that the public can access.

                 – Indoor displays that are present in public buildings, courthouses, lobbies, etc.

Exclude:  Limits on what was not included.

                 – Commercially reproduced craft sculptures, for example whirly-gigs.

                 – Public areas where design is ‘sculptural’, but meant more for function than Art.

                  (For example; bus station, bench, shelter, signage, planters, facades that have some

forms on them- and are not primarily FOR artistic display)

                 – All Private residences, driveways, yards, rooftops, alleys etc.

                 – Temporarily installed sculptures- for one or two years (by the city for example).

                 – Flat murals or displays that have little or no dimensionality.

– Religious statuary that are not unique/ primarily for art presentation.