"Butterfly Trees"
? (red bent forms) cherry creek north
"The Eye and The Horizon (after Monet)"
? (Large round stone work) a la Noguchi
" Single Fold; Double fold "
(boy and a dog) tall
( Couple with flying kids) ?
" Sharing Sunshine "
"Little Sisters"
" Siblings"
" Self Portrait"
? ( circle in the DUG garden)
" Flame of Compassion "
? ( BORING posts of airplane stuff in Lowry)
? ( Two Block figures just like logo for RMCH)
? (shrouded family figures)
"Curiousity Sparks"
"Trade Deficit"
? ( panels in the sky - drive around area)
"Pillow Talk"
"Portal III"
"Prarie Wings"
(sitting woman in hat)
(Garden at the Arts Student League)
(birds nest -wind blown)
( suspended ball )
(Ceramic Cone Shapes_)
Lowry Reading Garden - (get title and infor)
? (Circle of steel ball)
"Towers of Passage" Portal III
? (wave like form)
" The Bird in All of Us"
? sentinal - from JCC
"Prairie Reef"
" Tradition"
"Matriarchal Mooncreature"
"The Wildcat Way"
"Brothers and Sisters"
"I too know the Eagle"
"The Grizzly's Last Stand
"Wind Catcher"
"Sun Silo"
Robert Burns - Poet
"Snow Mastadon"
steel plinths ?
Blue fence ? sculptures
/ ? three Dim Jewish Star
"Tower of Man"
"Dorothy and Friends"
? Three children playing in fountain
? tall plinths outside CC Mall
untitled ( Yellow Bench )
Untitled 9 Black Abstract Line - dedicated to MLK jr. 0
"Allies in Life "
"Totem Pole Sculpture"
"Thatcher Memorial Fountain"
"Meeting of Minds"
"Avian Front"
"Sullivan Gateway" (check title)
? leaf sculpture - DBG
" When Legends Run Free"
"Ceratosaurus and Camarasaurus"
" Iridescent Cloud"
Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Circle